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All our beer is made in our brew room located behind our tap room. Smaller brew batches ensure that our beer is continuously replenished and fresh. Whenever possible, we use local, northwest ingredients. New brews added regularly; check back often to see what we're pouring!

Brilliant Blonde

 A newly released light, summer ale using Pilsen malt and Cascade hops. A refreshing ale for those warm and balmy summer days. The brilliant clear, yellow color attributes to its name. Already one of our best sellers in our taproom.

Ships Ahoj Pilsner

This Czech-style pilsner is pale gold in color and clear and crisp with a low hop profile. Czech Saaz hops give a spiciness and light fruitiness to the overall flavor. Slightly malt forward with notes of biscuit, cracker, and bread.

Summer Sol Pale Ale

Showcasing the Centennial hop, Summer Sol Pale Ale is a bright, citrusy, single hop pale ale that is perfect for your Pacific Northwestern Summers!

Protection Island Pale

Fresh, crisp ale with light hop finish. Only Cascade hops are used to create one of our lightest brews.

Annabelle's Amber

Full bodied, with a sweet, caramel finish using London Ale yeast. Clear, red-brown. One of our first and most popular brews.

Sculler's Catch Citra

Well balanced, lightly bittered, with light hop finish. Tones of citrus, using Cascade, Citra, Glacier and Warrior hops.

Healey's Comet Fresh Hop

Local hops were picked on Monday and dropped in the kettle on Tuesday morning. Bittered with Magnum and a barrage of Comet hop flowers and Pride of Ringwood hop flowers, give IPA a refreshingly smooth hop finish.

Olympic Wicked IPA

A modern IPA with a juicy hop profile giving it plenty of aroma and a refreshingly, smooth hop finish.

Blown Away IPA

A hop forward IPA with a smooth finish. Munich and Special Roast malts give it a full-bodied flavor that blends nicely with the Cascade, Citra, Golden and Warrior hops. A mouthful of hops for the hops lover.

Beckett Point Porter

A dark, robust porter that doesn't fill you up. A rich malt flavor with
delightful chocolate and caramel undertones. A real delight to sip and
to enjoy.

Mexican Chocolate Milk Stout

Rich creamy body with cacao and a hint of cinnamon at the forefront, followed with roastiness of freshly ground coffee beans and that undeniable stout grain bill. It finishes with warmth and flavor of ancho chilies to make a wonderfully complex and comforting stout!

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