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Smooth and mellow or peppy and upbeat, you'll hear tight harmonies and
uncluttered yet inventive instrumental arrangements from this acoustic
duo. Whether on a cover song or one of Hank Payne’s originals, he and
Claire Favro are all about letting the power of music do its deeply
healing work—touching you in the heart and the funny bone. You’ll hear
traditional and contemporary folk, standards, swing, and
singer-songwriter material, sung a cappella or paired with guitar,
dulcimer, bowed psaltery or banjo-uke. Anyone who likes Robin and Linda
Williams, Kate Power and Steve Einhorn, Tom Paxton, and Kate Wolf, will
enjoy Hank and Claire.

Hank and Claire's new 2022 CD is a nostalgic/yearning, contented/loving
collection of covers from folk, swing and standards shining the light
once again on their luscious harmonies and clean instrumental
arrangements. Guitars are spruced up with mountain dulcimer, baritone
bowed psaltery, and even a banjo-uke.

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