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Northwest musician, Kristin Myers, has established a unique sound that is deeply rooted in the American Singer Songwriter tradition. Inspired by artists such as Arlo Guthrie, Ani DiFranco, Dar Williams and They Might Be Giants, Kristin brings a whimsical quality back to folk music that has you humming the melodies and picturing her stories in your head.

Fans say "This is like Children's Music for Adults!" Kristin Myers has a dynamic sound that combines stories and personal narratives with smooth melodies and enthralling rhythms. She will tell you, "The songs are different experiences from things in my everyday lives and fictional tales. I pull ideas from a large pool of musical influences and make a point of blending all these different flavors together."

Now an official Port Townsend resident, you can find Kristin busking downtown when the weather is warm, recording new songs for her Patreon, or walking around Fort Warden with her husband and rather odd looking dog, Sticks.

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